Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Induction Set

Theme: Part of Body

Subtheme: My Face

Objective: The student know the part of their body

Learning outcome: 3.1.1 Name part of the body

Value: Cleanliness, obey the instructions

Integration: Physical skills, language and communication

Experience: ‘Lagu Bangun Pagi’

Learning aids: Radio

Time Management

Learning Contents

Learning Activities

Induction Set

(3 minutes)

Simon Says Game:

Simon says touch your nose,

Simon says touch your cheeks,

Simon says touch your ears,

Simon says close your eyes,

Simon says touch your forehead,

Simon says show your tongue…


1. Teacher claps her hands three times.

2. Teacher herself does the Simon Says Game first.

3. The children follow teacher instruction by touching the part of their face.

4. Teacher asks the volunteer to replace her giving the instructions for the Simon Says.

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